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Our vision is to be recognized as valued and trusted partner known for our commitment to make a difference in the lives of the people of Turkey through:


•Being responsive to the national needs

•Setting exemplary standarts in perfor-mance and quality

•Building empowered and coherent teams





Least Developed Countries Istanbul Plan of Action Mid Term Review, 27-29 May 2016, Antalya, Turkey

To get more information on the Midterm Review please visit its official  web site

(http://LDC IPoA Midterm Review)


To watch the Conference meetings live please visit UN WEBTV




17 Goals to Transform Our World

2016 presents an unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to embark on a new path to improve the lives of people everywhere.


Countries have adopted a new sustainable development agenda and global agreement on climate change. Explore this site to find out more about the efforts of the UN and its partners to build a better world with no one left behind.


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